Prayers for Our Beloved Dead

The Church of St. Robert of Newminster
November 1 — 9, 2014

Our prayers during these nine days will certainly be expressions of sorrow and mourning, but they also
will be prayers of gratitude for the many blessings each of us has received through the life of those we
have loved and whom we remember in our Novena prayers.

Almighty God and Father,
it is our certain faith that your Son,
who died on the cross and
was raised from the dead, is
the first fruits of all who have fallen asleep.
Grant that through this mystery
your servants, who have gone to their rest in Christ,
may share in the joy of his resurrection.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.

God of loving kindness,
Listen favorably to our prayers.
Strengthen our belief
that your Son was raised from the dead;
He is our hope I
that our departed brothers and sisters will also rise again.
We ask this through Christ our Lord.


Prayer to Receive Spiritual Communion

Lord, you are truly present to me.
I love you above all things,
I desire to receive you in my heart right now.
I thank you. I praise you.
Bless me now.